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Family Portraits

What clothing do we wear?

The main purpose of a portrait is to bring out the expressions and personalities of each individual. In order to emphasize your face it is important to minimize the attention drawn to your clothing. This is accomplished by keeping several things in mind:

Wear solid colors. Solid colors are less distracting than prints or patterns, they also tend to minimize body size. (Tiny prints are fine.)

For groups-- wear similar colors. Choose a single color tone (such as navy or charcoal) for everyone in the group. This prevents one person from “sticking out” in the photograph.

Pants and skirts should be as dark (or darker) than the tops. Pants that are lighter will make your legs appear larger. Keep the shoes and socks dark, as well.

Wear long sleeves. Short sleeves or sleeveless tops add weight to the arms.

What else?

Hair: If possible, plan your haircut at least several days in advance of the portrait to give it a chance to fill in and settle down.

Shaving: Men should shave prior to the session, especially if it is scheduled at the end of the day; “five-o’-clock shadows” are almost impossible to remove in your portraits.

Makeup: Can be worn as usual. Pay special attention to the eyes and lips.

Glasses: If you wear your glasses all the time you’ll want to have them in your photograph. While we always strive to reduce as much glasses glare as possible during your session there is only so much we can do while creating the images. One suggestion to eliminate glasses glare, call your optician in advance and make arrangements to either borrow an empty frame or have them remove your lenses for the sitting. If you choose to wear your glasses with the lenses still in, please be aware that glasses glare will be removed at your expense, usually about $30 per person per pose.

Jewelry: Watches, bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings are all fine.

What if we don't like the portraits?

We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your images. If you aren’t, let us know when you pick them up and you can have additional poses made to your liking at no extra cost.

For Families

Who can be in the portraits?

You can have poses made with family members in various combinations— the entire family, children alone, parents alone, even grandparents. Married children can have separate family portraits made at no additional cost. Pets are welcome, too!

Where do we hang our portraits?

The most common place for a family portrait to hang is above the fireplace or sofa, as these walls tend to be the focus walls of any room. The portrait should be visible from the main seating areas, so you can enjoy it without having to walk up to it or go to another room. The faces should be large enough for the expressions to be clearly seen from the seating areas.

"Jonathan, You are a STAR!!! Thank you for being so wonderful to work with. You made me look great. :)"

-Molly Schoenbachler